pii2013 Technology Showcase

Thanks to the following companies for participating in the pii2013 Technology Showcase at the 4th annual Privacy Identity Innovation conference in Seattle on September 17th, and congratulations to Yubico and their CEO Stina Ehrensvard for winning the Audience Choice Award.




AnsaAnsa is a rich media social utility, completely redesigned for privacy.  We find ourselves trusting  our friends with messages and media containing our thoughts, secrets, and stories everyday.  We carefully select the people we share these moments with, but in this fast-paced, increasingly connected world it’s easy to lose control of the things that were supposed to be private.


That’s where Ansa comes in.  Ansa allows you to express yourself creatively while maintaining privacy.  With options to communicate off-the-record, send self-destructing media, and synchronously erase the messages you’ve shared in the past, you’ll never have to lose control again.  Ansa is the next generation of secure mobile communication.


Learn more at Ansa.com and follow @Ansa on Twitter.


AVG Technologies


AVG Be Yourself_vertical_01AVG Technologies delivers products and services across mobiles, tablets and desktops that make our digital daily-lives easier to secure, simpler to navigate and more enjoyable to experience. 150 million people trust AVG to do this every day. With a product portfolio that targets the consumer and small business markets and includes Internet security, family safety software, PC performance optimization, online backup, mobile security and identity protection, we keep your devices safe and secure and performing their best.


Learn more at AVG.com and follow @AVGFree on Twitter. 




BeehiveIDReal people today have a complex web of connections to other people online through interactions like Facebook likes, tweets, check-ins and uploaded photographs. These complex webs cannot be faked by fraudsters. We use this data in combination with data from public sources and biometric face matching to make connections and establish the BeehiveID score – our measure of confidence that your users are backed by genuine, unique individuals.


Beehive is based upon years of experience working with a wide variety of identity technologies, including social network analysis, face recognition, semantic text analysis, machine learning, sentiment analysis, and temporal profiling.  Our identity score can be customized to a wide variety of use cases, validating a weak identity claim: “I am not a bot” all the way to a specific person: “I am John Smith who lives at 123 Main Street in Austin, TX”.


Learn more at BeehiveID.com and follow @BeehiveID on Twitter.





Clef_logoClef is a San Francisco company dedicated to replacing usernames and passwords online with your smart-phone. Since 2012, Clef has pushed the boundaries of privacy and security technology to make solutions that are simple and approachable for any user. Clef is a Kairos 50 company that is privately held and angel-backed. Clef is available for Android and iOS customers.


Learn more at GetClef.com and follow @GetClef on Twitter.


Connected Data


TransporterConnected Data is focused on providing elegantly designed solutions for consumers, professionals, and small businesses to privately sync, share, access and protect their data. The Connected Data team consists of the same professionals responsible for creating the high-performance BlueArc Silicon Server and the popular Drobo storage array. Connected Data is privately funded and based in Santa Clara, California.
Learn more at ConnectedData.com and follow @Connected_Data on Twitter.




DisconnectDisconnect was founded in 2011 by Brian Kennish, a former Google and DoubleClick engineer; and Casey Oppenheim, a consumer- and privacy-rights advocate and attorney. Disconnect develops award-winning, user-friendly privacy and security software in Palo Alto, California. By being an advocate for Internet users, Disconnect hopes to create enduring, positive change in the way personal info is handled online.


Learn more at Disconnect.me and follow @disconnectme on Twitter.




EnlikenEnliken was founded in 2011 and has since made their name helping consumers view, understand and control the marketing data that is used to target them with ads. At pii2013, Enliken will announce a new product that combines those learnings into the first commercial solution focused on helping marketers safely increase data transparency. Visit their exhibitor spot for a demonstration.
Enliken currently has operations in Seattle and NYC soon to be followed by an office in Amsterdam.


Learn more at Enliken.com and follow @enliken on Twitter.




EterniamEterniam is a new Seattle startup that lets you create, preserve and bequeath a digital legacy. As you live today and in the future, you accumulate huge amounts of private digital memories. There is no trusted custodian of these assets, no way to create a permanent legacy of who you are, who you were. Eterniam charges an annual subscription fee and does not sell any of your information.


With Eterniam, you can preserve photos, videos, documents, Facebook posts and more to come. Privacy is central to Eterniam; e.g. your spouse gets different assets from your best friend who gets different assets from your children. Your different identities are captured in Eterniam and you are in control of the digital legacy you leave to your beneficiaries.


Learn more at Eterniam.com and follow @Eterniaminc on Twitter.




Gimigo-3115x1310Gimigo started as an idea in October 2005 while working on a project for Skype.


Everyone can relate… email, phone, address, credit/bank cards, and more — we share it with other people and businesses. But what happens when information changes? It’s impossible to keep it current across hundreds of mobile phones, apps and databases.


So we set out to solve this massive problem. Seven years and well over ten thousand hours committed, we’re patents-pending and rolling out Gimigo in 2013.  Go Gimigo!


Learn more at gimigo.com and follow @Gimigo on Twitter.



MetanautixMetanautix helps large enterprises navigate oceans of data. Our mission is to integrate the data supply chain and enable organizations to transform their information assets into better decisions and new products. Metanautix is a stealth-mode company, comprised of world-class engineering talent, and backed by some of the most prominent venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.


Learn more at Metanautix.com and follow @Metanautix on Twitter.




miiCardmiiCard (My Internet Identity) is a global Identity as a Service solution that proves  ‘you are who you say you are’,  purely online, in minutes and to the same level as a physical passport or photo ID check. Through a patented process that leverages the trust between an individual and their financial institution, miiCard establishes identity to Level of Assurance 3+  and meets Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering identity guidelines, enabling the sale of regulated products and services purely online.


Combining online identity proofing with strong authentication, miiCard provides the trust and security required for people and businesses to meet and transact with confidence in a purely digital environment. As a single, trusted digital ID founded on the principles of Bring Your Own Identity, miiCard is convenient and flexible providing members complete control over their online identity and personal information.


With coverage across five continents and over 350 million people , miiCard is creating trust online across a  range of industries including finance, commerce, trading, gaming, healthcare, recruitment, dating, social and professional networking.


Learn more at miiCard.com and follow @miiCard on Twitter.




MyPermissionsMyPermissions is a team of people that deeply love the internet. We are passionate about the innovative ideas and platforms that reshape the way we communicate with each other. We also believe in protecting user privacy and developing their relationship of trust with developers. That’s why we’ve created a suite of tools that help users protect their personal online information and help developers be more transparent and build more trust.


The MyPermission’s personal cloud security service lets users monitor, manage and control the access to their information online.  For developers, we understand that the lack of user trust has become a barrier. MyPermissions’ certification program lifts the barrier of trust through transparency, powering the age of social, mobile apps.


Learn more at MyPermissions.com and follow @MyPermissions on Twitter.




PathbritePathbrite is a next-generation education portfolio platform that is changing the way people teach, learn and grow. Educators and students at innovative schools, colleges and universities across the U.S. use Pathbrite to enhance metacognition and critical thinking skills, improve course-passing rates, and enable project-based learning and peer collaboration.


Learn more at Pathbrite.com and follow @Pathbrite on Twitter.




PRVCM-LOGOPRVCM is a Brooklyn-based design studio founded in 2013 by Adam Harvey as the result of experimental work in privacy, art and countersurveillance. PRVCM’s goal is to create inspiring design products that critically engage consumers with privacy.


Learn more at PRVCM.com.




ReppREPP is an identity and background verification and management platform for individuals and online service providers.  Each REPP Profile is created and fully controlled by its owner. Profiles can be shared for uses such as online dating, peer-to-peer transactions, networking, and online initiated transactions. REPP’s API and OAuth allow partners the perfect tool to quickly provide transparency and assurances on their platform.


Learn more at MyREPP.com and follow @myREPP on Twitter.


Respect Network


respectNetworkRespect Network is working with over 30 Founding Partners to build the world’s first personal cloud network. Unlike today’s centralized social networks, personal clouds are wholly owned and controlled by individuals. Based on the Respect Trust Framework, which won the Privacy Award at the 2011 European Identity Conference, Respect Network enables individuals form direct P2P connections with other personal and business clouds to safely connect and share personal data with strong assurance that their privacy will be respected. Since all channels are private, there is no advertising; rather businesses pay directly for permissioned connections to their customer’s personal clouds. Founded in San Francisco in 2011, Respect Network is privately funded.


Learn more at RespectNetwork.com and follow @respectnet on Twitter.


Silent Circle


SilentCircleSilent Circle is a global encrypted communications service headquartered in Washington D.C. that provides cutting-edge encrypted text, mobile phone and video teleconferencing services through a secure, proprietary network, software and mobile apps. Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and best-selling author, and Phil Zimmermann, the world famous Silicon Valley creator of Internet encryption for voice and data and 2012 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame.


Learn more at SilentCircle.com and follow @Silent_Circle on Twitter.




YubicoYubico’s mission is to make strong two-factor authentication easy and affordable for everyone. The company’s flagship product, the YubiKey®, uniquely combines driver-less USB and NFC authentication hardware with open source server software. Millions of users in 120 countries rely on the YubiKey for securing access to computers, mobile devices, networks and online services.


Customers range from individual Internet users to e-governments, Fortune 100 companies and top Internet brands. The YubiKey is also the first authentication device to support the FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) requirements; the open authentication specifications for scaling high privacy and high security smart card technology to consumers. Founded in 2007, Yubico is privately held with offices in California, Sweden and UK.


Learn more at Yubico.com and follow @Yubico on Twitter.