pii2012 Seattle Schedule

Below is the schedule of events for pii2012 Seattle. Visit the Speakers page for more information, and check out videos from most of the conference sessions here.

Monday, May 14, 2012 – Edgewater Hotel


pii Labs workshop – Mobile Apps: Designing for Privacy & Trust sponsored by ACT

Sponsored by ACT, this hands-on workshop is designed to offer mobile apps developers practical guidance and best practices on designing with privacy in mind.


1:00 p.m.     Welcome Remarks
•    Morgan Reed,  Executive Director, ACT


1:15pm        Preserving Privacy without Sacrificing Usability
•    Natalie Fonseca,  Co-founder and Executive Producer, Privacy Identity Innovation
•    Video Remarks by Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ontario, Canada


1:30 p.m.    Privacy Law Primer: What Every App Developer Needs to Know
•    Christina Gagnier, Partner, Gagnier Margossian


1:50 p.m.    Asking the Right Questions
•    Moderator: Mark Blafkin, Executive Director, Innovators Network
•    Bethan Cantrell, Technical Privacy Manager, Xbox, Microsoft
•    Dona Fraser, Director, Privacy Online, ESRB
•    Parker Higgins, Activist, Electronic Frontier Foundation


2:30 p.m.    Break


2:45 p.m.    Lessons Learned: Designing for Privacy
•    Moderator: Mark Blafkin, Executive Director, Innovators Network
•    Amber Case, Co-founder and CEO, Geoloqi
•    Tarik Kurspahic, Co-founder and CTO, Personal
•    Damien Patton, Founder and CEO, Banjo
•    Mike Sax, Co-founder, Asigo


3:25 p.m.    Designing for Trust: Understanding Users’ Needs and Expectations
•    Ilana Westerman, CEO, Create with Context


3:45 p.m.    Privacy Patterns for Location-Based Services
•    Mohit Gupta, Senior Software Engineer, Location Labs & Co-founder, Privacy Patterns


4:05 p.m.     Creating Effective Privacy Policies

•    Moderator: Morgan Reed, Executive Director, ACT
•    Jim Brock, Founder and CEO, PrivacyChoice
•    Casey Oppenheim, Co-founder, Disconnect
•    Travis Pinnick, User Experience Designer, TRUSTe


4:45 p.m.    Q&A


5:15 pm       pii2012 Welcome Reception sponsored by TrueRep

Join us for cocktails and conversation in the Olympic Ballroom at the Edgewater Hotel as we kick off the 3rd annual Privacy Identity Innovation conference. Open to registered attendees of the pii Labs workshop and pii2012 only.

6:00 pm       Consumer Insights: Living in Always-on, Data-driven Times

Hosted by journalist Larry Magid of CBS News, this opening session will feature a panel of consumers from the Seattle area who will share their views on digital privacy, identity and reputation. It’s a candid conversation you won’t want to miss!

•    Moderator: Larry Magid, Technology Analyst, CBS News
•    Landon Bennett
•    Diana Henneuse
•    Imei Hsu
•    Ralph Munro


7:00 pm       Wrap-up



Tuesday, May 15, 2012 – Bell Harbor International Conference Center


8:00 am     Registration and Continental Breakfast

Plan to arrive at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center by 8:00am to pick up your name badge and enjoy a continental breakfast before the conference begins.


8:30 am     Welcome Remarks

Get an overview of the topics you’ll be hearing over the next two days and hear from fellow attendees during a round of quick introductions.


9:00 am     What the Regulatory Environment Means for Industry

From the White House’s release of the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights to the Federal Trade Commission’s final privacy report, explore how the push to protect consumer privacy is impacting business. What regulatory developments do you need to be paying attention to, and what can you expect in the coming weeks and months?


•    Moderator: Susan Lyon, Special Counsel, Cooley  LLP
•    Lauren Gelman, Founder, BlurryEdge Strategies
•    David Horn, Assistant Director, Northwest Region, Federal Trade Commission
•    Berin Szoka, Founder and President, TechFreedom


9:40 am     Putting Privacy by Design into Practice

There’s been a call for companies to protect consumers by baking privacy into their products, but what does that look like in practice? How does privacy by design get integrated into the culture of rapid innovation that makes the tech industry what it is? How can companies, especially start-ups that are focused on iterating quickly, strike the right balance and make it a core part of their product development approach?


•    Moderator: Natalie Fonseca, Co-founder and Executive Producer, Privacy Identity Innovation
•    Christine Herron, Director, Intel Capital
•    Kevin Mahaffey, Co-founder and CTO, Lookout
•    Rob Sherman, Manager of Privacy and Public Policy, Facebook
•    Anne Toth, Head of Privacy, Google+, Google


10:20 am     Identity Shift: How Technology Changes Who We Are, What We Do and Whom We Trust

In this talk, Allison will share insights from an Alcatel-Lucent primary research study targeting more than 5,000 consumers across the United States to understand how identity is being shaped by the networks and devices of a 24×7 connected culture.  The talk will reveal how users perceive themselves and companies attempting to serve them in the networked age.


•    Allison Cerra, Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs, Alcatel-Lucent Americas and Co-Author, Identity Shift and The Shift


10:45 am     Refreshment Break sponsored by TRUSTe


11:00 am     Innovator Spotlight Demos

Meet the founders of the start-ups selected for the pii2012 Innovator Spotlight as they each give a five-minute demo on stage, and get ready to vote for your favorite one for the Audience Choice Award. Visit the Innovator Spotlight page for a preview of the companies.


•  Joanne Lang, Founder and CEO, AboutOne
•  Patrick Ambron, Co-founder and CEO, BrandYourself.com
•  Emily Marshall, Co-founder, CoupleFire
•  Rob Banagale, Co-founder and CEO, Gliph
•  Robert Leshner, Co-Founder and CEO, Safe Shepherd
•  Christian Sigl, Co-Founder and CTO, secure.me
•  David Cho, Co-founder and CEO, Sidebark
•  Alisha Outridge, Founder and CEO, TapTank


12:00 pm     Announcements


12:15 pm     Lunch and Technology Showcase

Enjoy lunch while you tour the demo tables at the pii2012 Technology Showcase. In addition to spending more time with the Innovator Spotlight start-ups, you’ll get a chance to preview demos from other exhibiting companies that will be vying for your vote and the chance to give an on stage demo on May 16th. Visit the Technology Showcase page to preview the companies.


1:45 pm      Biometric-aware Advertising: BFF or Just Plain Creepy?

Online advertising is becoming highly personal, social and interactive, and privacy professionals are in a pivotal role to help their businesses ensure advertising is trusted rather than feared.

See how Xbox and its partners are creating new advertising forms using the natural user interface Kinect, and how a privacy-by-design mindset can help you anticipate and avoid privacy issues.


•    Lyn Watts, Marketing and Data Policy Privacy Manager, Microsoft


2:05 pm      Opting In: Data Collection and the Digital Advertising Market
Work is underway in the U.S. to create a user-friendly and persistent Do Not Track mechanism that would allow consumers to more easily opt out of digital advertising. At the same time, May 25th is the deadline for implementation of the European Union’s ePrivacy Directive that requires sites to get informed consent from individuals before placing cookies on their computers. How are digital publishers and advertisers responding to these measures, and what role are other technologies like device fingerprinting playing?


•    Moderator: Steve Wildstrom, Co-founder and Columnist, Tech.pinions
•    Bryan Jones, Co-founder and CEO, Collider Media, Inc.
•    Fran Maier, Founder and Chair, TRUSTe
•    David Norris, Co-founder and CEO, BlueCava


2:45 pm      Refreshment Break


2:55 pm      Breakout Sessions


Session 1A – Privacy, Zero Trust and the API Economy

•    Moderator: Eve Maler, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
•    Larry Drebes, CEO and CTO, JanRain
•    Scott Morrison, CTO and Chief Architect, Layer 7 Technologies
•    Mike Schwartz, CEO, Gluu


Session 1B – Brand Reputation: The Role of Privacy in Communications

•    Moderator: Barry Hurd, Managing Director, Epiphany Metrics
•    Mary Ludloff, VP, Marketing, PatternBuilders
•    Leigh Nakanishi, Privacy and Security Strategist, Edelman
•    Mike Whitmore, President, Fresh Consulting


Session 1C – Online Safety and Digital Citizenship

•    Larry Magid, Technology Analyst, CBS News and Co-director, ConnectSafely.org
•    Mia Doces, Program Developer, Committee for Children
•    Anne Toth, Head of Privacy, Google+, Google


3:40 pm      Breakout Sessions


Session 2A – pii in the Enterprise

•    Moderator: Aaron Weller, Co-founder and CEO, Concise Consulting
•    Christopher Burgess, COO and CSO, Atigeo
•    Tanya Forsheit, Founding Partner, InfoLawGroup
•    Renee Jackson, Associate, Nixon Peabody
•    Michael Spadea, Director, Promontory Financial Group


Session 2B – Building a Trusted Identity Ecosystem

•    Moderator: Don Thibeau, Executive Director, OpenID Foundation and Chairman, OIX
•    Joe Andrieu, Founder and CEO, Switchbook
•    Joni Brennan, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative
•    Jim Fenton, Chief Security Scientist, OneID
•    Naomi Lefkovitz, Senior Privacy Advisor, NIST



4:25 pm     Location & Discovery: The Why and When of ‘Where’

•    Moderator: Christina Gagnier, Partner, Gagnier Margossian LLP
•    Nick Bicanic, CEO, echoecho
•    Amber Case, Co-founder and CEO, Geoloqi
•    Damien Patton, Founder and CEO, Banjo


5:05 pm     Privacy, Sharing and Publicity

In this one-on-one interview, Larry Downes will ask author Andrew Keen about his new book Digital Vertigo, which is being released the week after pii2012. 


5:30 pm     The Emergent Privacy-Industrial Complex

As we migrate our lives online, privacy has taken center stage. Within this current social media tornado, a formidable privacy industry has emerged of privacy officers, researchers, advocates, and regulators. But is there risk in such a concentrated privacy industry? Should privacy be a narrowly held priesthood or a lay skill-set? Does such concentration isolate the privacy professional from the rapid pace of innovation? If we aren’t all yet privacy geeks, should we be?


•    Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer and GM, Data Systems, Intelius


5:45 pm     Making Data Protection a Strategic Priority

•    Moderator: Natalie Fonseca, Co-founder and Executive Producer, Privacy Identity Innovation
•    Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer and GM, Data Systems, Intelius
•    Rafae Bhatti, Manager, Cyber Security R&D Group, Accenture Technology Labs
•    Craig Spiezle, Founder and Executive Director, Online Trust Alliance
•    Aaron Weller, Co-founder and CEO, Concise Consulting


6:30 pm     Happy Hour sponsored by Xbox 360


Wednesday, May 16, 2012 – Bell Harbor International Conference Center


8:00 am     Registration and Continental Breakfast

Spend some time networking with other attendees as you enjoy coffee and continental breakfast in the Bay Auditorium foyer.


8:30 am     Announcement of Innovator Spotlight & Technology Showcase Winners

We’ll reveal who won this year’s Innovator Spotlight awards. Then, we’ll invite the company that received the most votes in the Technology Showcase to do a live demo on stage.


9:00 am     With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility

Everyone is buzzing about ‘big data’ – and for good reason. It offers tremendous potential for improving decision-making in a variety of areas from security to market research to healthcare. At the same time, there are legitimate concerns about the risks associated with aggregating and analyzing data that is based on personal information. How can we unlock the value in big data while avoiding those risks?


•    Moderator: Declan McCullagh, Chief Political Correspondent, CNET
•    Elizabeth Charnock, CEO, Cataphora
•    Terence Craig, CEO and CTO, PatternBuilders  and Co-author, Privacy and Big Data
•    Ken Dreifach, Counsel, ZwillGen
•    Kevin Marks, VP of Open Cloud Standards, Salesforce.com


9:40 am     Fireside Chat with Linda Avey, Co-founder and CEO of Curious, Inc.

Hear from 23andMe co-founder Linda Avey, who is now the co-founder and CEO of a stealth new start-up named Curious, Inc. that is designed to offer individuals a personal data discovery platform.


10:05 am     Rethinking Personal Data for Mobile Social Media


When we talk about “personal data” many people think about data (e.g., clicks, searches, sites visited, etc.), but not always about personal and social media, especially the photos, videos, and audio recordings that billions of people around the world are creating and sharing every day. The emergence of the cameraphone as the dominant and daily means of personal and social media creation and sharing, which is also a sensor in a sensor network that can record user location, copresence, and other data along with media, and the growth and adoption of people and object recognition and tagging for photos and videos, all contribute to a situation in which we are in need of new understanding and innovation in our privacy, identity, and personal data systems. This brief talk will highlight some of the challenges and opportunities for privacy, identity, and innovation as regards personal and social media, especially for mobile photos and videos.


•    Marc Davis, Partner Architect, Online Services Division, Microsoft


10:20 am     Refreshment Break


10:35 am     How the Social Data Revolution Transformed Identity

Andreas Weigend, director of the Social Data Lab and former chief scientist of Amazon.com, will explore the connection between social data and identity.


11:00 am     Fireside Chat with Del Harvey, Director of Trust and Safety, Twitter

Learn about Twitter’s approach to building trust and how the company combats fraud and abuse in this one-on-one interview with Del Harvey hosted by GeekWire co-founder Todd Bishop.


11:25 am     Pinpointing Customers: Location-Based Services and Commerce

•    Tricia Duryee, Senior Editor, All Things Digital
•    Josh Marti, Co-founder and CEO, Point Inside


11:45 am     Merging the Physical and Digital Worlds: The Internet of Things

•    Lauren Gelman, Founder, BlurryEdge Strategies
•    Will Smith, Co-founder and CEO, Euclid Elements


12:05 pm      Announcements


12:15 pm       Lunch


1:30 pm      Fireside Chat with Emanuel Pleitez, Chief Strategy Officer, Spokeo

Get an inside look at the people search market in this one-on-one interview with Spokeo’s chief strategy officer Emanuel Pleitez.


1:55 pm      The Reality of Ubiquitous Face Matching and Its Impact on Public Privacy

•    Mary Haskett, Co-founder and CEO, Tactical Information Systems
•    Alex Kilpatrick, Co-founder and CTO, Tactical Information Systems


 2:20 pm     Increasing Transparency for Consumers

•    Moderator: Tanya Forsheit, Founding Partner, InfoLaw Group
•    Jim Brock, Founder and CEO, Privacychoice
•    Jonathan Mayer, Graduate Student, Stanford University
•    Casey Oppenheim, Co-founder, Disconnect


3:00 pm      Refreshment Break


3:30 pm     Small Data and Personal Identity Management

•    Moderator: Fatemeh Khatibloo, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
•    Bant Breen, Founder and CEO, Qnary
•    Shane Green, President and CEO, Personal
•    Mary Hodder, Co-founder and Board Member, Customer Commons
•    Mark Kapczynski, VP, Corporate Development and Strategy, Experian Consumer Direct


4:10 pm     Digital Death a Matrix of Questions and Considerations

Kaliya, Identity Woman, has co-convened four Digital Death Day events on two continents in the past two years. In this lightning talk, she’ll share her understanding of the range of issues and questions that surface when considering what happens to your data after you die.

•    Kaliya Hamlin, Founder and Executive Director, Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium


4:25 pm      Building Trust in the Sharing Economy

•    Moderator: Tricia Duryee, Senior Editor, All Things Digital
•    Xin Chung, Founder and CEO, Trustcloud
•    Drummond Reed, Founder, Connect.me
•    Sam Rosen, Co-founder, Scaffold
•    Sonny Singh, VP of Sales and Business Development, Jumio


5:05 pm      Protecting Civil Liberties in the Digital Age

•    Moderator: Mary Ludloff, VP, Marketing, PatternBuilders  and Co-author, Privacy and Big Data
•    Jeffrey Greene, Senior Policy Counsel, Cybersecurity and Identity, Symantec
•    Parker Higgins, Activist, Electronic Frontier Foundation
•    Doug Klunder, Privacy Counsel, ACLU of Washington
•    Bill Schrier, Deputy Director, Center for Digital Government


5:45 pm      Closing Remarks


6:00 pm      Cocktails