pii2014 Video: The Business & Ethics of Big Data

“Big data” may have become a buzzword, but there is no denying that the topic is top of mind and there are important questions surrounding the ethics of data collection and usage. At this year’s Privacy Identity Innovation conference, we were fortunate to have three experts who tackled some of those issues in a discussion that took place the morning of November 13th.


Jim Adler, Metanautix’s vice president, products and chief privacy officer, moderated the session and the panelists included Alvaro Bedoya, executive director of the Center for Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law, and Karen Levy, a fellow at the Data and Society Research Institute and a postdoctoral associate at NYU School of Law.


Watch their pii2014 session below:

The Business & Ethics of (Big) Data: Algorithims, Analytics and Autonomy from Privacy Identity Innovation on Vimeo.

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