Ignite pii2013

ignite_pii2013We’re excited to have hosted Ignite pii2013 at this year’s Privacy Identity Innovation conference in Seattle.


Founded by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis, Ignite is an O’Reilly Media event that started in Seattle in 2006 and has since taken place in over 100 cities around the world. It’s a fast-paced, fun format where participants give 5-minute talks about a topic they’re passionate about using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds.


Ignite pii2013 took place from 7:00pm – 8:30pm at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center following the conference sessions on September 17th and was open to all pii2013 attendees (at no charge).


Thanks to all of the pii2013 participants who applied for a chance to give a talk. Below is a list of the Ignite pii2013 speakers and topics that were selected  – in the order that the talks were given:


Alex Kilpatrick – Biometrics 101: Everything You Have Learned From Hollywood is Wrong

Biometrics is the study of what makes people unique – most often face, fingerprints or irises.  The field has huge implications for privacy and security, both positive and negative.  Unfortunately, due to “artistic license,” the way biometrics are portrayed in the media is almost always wrong, often leading us to over-estimate and under-estimate what the technology can do in practice.  This talk will separate the Hollywood fiction from the present reality, and present the most beneficial and dangerous uses of this technology.


Dr. Alex Kilpatrick has been working in both commercial and military biometrics programs for the last decade, deploying over a dozen productions systems, including several in the middle east.


Brian Rowe – Ingress: Geolocation MMORPG’s ToS and Privacy Rights

As a former WoW addict and a newly minted geo-location gamer and a progressive privacy law wonk, Brian will explore the exciting new opportunities and potential pitfalls that location-based gaming provide. The talk will also include some amazing local artwork.


Eve Maler – How the ‘API economy’ will Bring Data-Sharing Power to the People

Open web APIs are a democratizing force, letting players big and small get into the data-sharing pool. And new business models springing up around APIs prove that access control is just as much about monetizing value as it is about security. See how individual people — the smallest and least powerful of the players — can use the API economy to share their own personal data on their own terms.


Adam Harvey – Hiding from Machines

As our environment evolves to become more machine-readable, what opportunities will this create for making technologies that thwart machines? This talk will present experiments and research into the world of algorithmic resistance and how hide from machines.


David Houlding – User Behavior-Driven Privacy Risks and Mitigations

Workers are increasingly empowered with devices, apps and services that provide multiple ways to accomplish their work. 2013 global research shows that if employer provided solutions lack usability, or security is too cumbersome, or IT departments are too slow to enable new technologies, workers are often compelled to use workarounds, both out of compliance with policy and driving considerable privacy risk. This session shares research highlights including the prevalence of workarounds, why and where they occur, and practical strategies to mitigate associated non-compliance issues and risks.


Parvez Anandam – Your Digital Estate

The world is dematerializing at an exciting pace. Everything is becoming digital yet the transfer of wealth between generations hasn’t kept pace with technology. Even though it appears your digital identity will live on forever, you have no control over whether it will and in what form. This needs to change.


Christina Gagnier – Content.Conduct.Context.Contact.

What should children’s rights be online? Do they have a right to privacy? Will they or do they care? What have we done to protect children from threats online? What do we do when they pose the threats themselves? A quick exploration of children, the Internet, their interactions and pics in the bathtub.


Clive Boulton – Privacy Scaling Futures in Modern Enterprise Web Apps

At the dawn of a new era, privacy is at the center of user experience as it never was in the PC era. Yet enterprise software is stuck in the past.


Anatoly Kvitnitsky – Re-imagining Reputation

How has reputation changed with new online services? Anatoly will discuss the evolution of reputation and emerging threats rising because of the changing landscape.


Drummond Reed – How Personal Clouds Can Bring About a Sea-Change in Internet Privacy

Many people feel technology has let the Internet privacy genie out of the bottle and it will never be stuffed back in. But the emergence of personal clouds may unlock a new path to sustainable Internet privacy.



If you haven’t been to an Ignite event yet, here’s an  Ignite talk that explains how & why to give an Ignite talk.



Videos of pii2013 Ignite will be posted on our site soon, as well as on the IgniteShow.com site.