pii2011 Silicon Valley

    Over 250 participants from around the world attended the second Privacy Identity Innovation conference, which took place May 19-20, 2011 at the Santa Clara Marriott hotel in Silicon Valley.  Topics included implementation of an identity ecosystem, privacy by design, best practices for data stewardship and mobile app privacy.


    Highlights of the two-day conference included:

    – Julia Angwin’s presentation on The Wall Street Journal’s What They Know investigative series about data collection and privacy

    – An up-close look at facial recognition software with Face.com’s CEO Gil Hirsch

    – Kara Swisher’s panel on the “Business of Privacy” with Silicon Valley investors like Mike Maples, Jr. and Christine Herron

    – Innovator Spotlight start-up demos by 12 entrepreneurs including the founders of Personal.com, NeighborGoods and BUMP.com.


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