pii2010 Seattle Schedule

The first Privacy Identity Innovation conference (pii2010) took place August 18-19, 2010 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in downtown Seattle. The conference brought together more than 250 industry executives, technologists, consumer advocates and privacy experts from around the country.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


9:00am – Welcome Remarks


9:05am – One-on-One Conversation – Chris Kelly, former Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook, and Declan McCullagh


9:25am – Keynote – Marc Davis, Partner Architect at Microsoft


9:50am – Roundtable Discussion – When Private Meets Public


  • Larry Magid, CBS News (Session Host)
  • Stowe Boyd
  • Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine.com
  • Andrew Keen
  • Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome and Gnomedex

10:45am – Coffee Break


11:00am – Keynote – Jeff Jarvis, Founder of  BuzzMachine.com


11:25am – Roundtable Discussion – The Evolution of Personally Identifiable Information and the Future of Anonymity


  • Larry Magid, CBS News (Session Host)
  • Stephen Hood, BlockChalk (now Blockboard)
  • Craig Spiezle, Online Trust Alliance
  • Don Thibeau, OpenID Foundation and Open Identity Exchange

12:10pm – Lunch


1:15pm – One-on-One Conversation – Michael Fertik, CEO of ReputationDefender (now Reputation.com), and Larry Magid


1:45pm – Roundtable Discussion –  pii & the Social Graph: Reputation and Control


  • Larry Magid, CBS News (Session Host)
  • Jim Adler, Intelius
  • Peter Kazanjy, Unvarnished (now Honestly.com)
  • Betsy Masiello, Google
  • David Millstein, ReputationShare

2:30pm – Keynote – Kim Cameron, Chief Architect of Identity, Microsoft


2:55pm – Coffee Break


3:15pm – Roundtable Discussion – Personal Data Stores and Portability


  • Steve Wildstrom (Session Host)
  • David Boardman, Atigeo
  • Marc Davis, Microsoft
  • Drummond Reed, Information Card Foundation and Open Identity Exchange
  • Denise Tayloe, Privo

4:00pm – Roundtable Discussion –  Digital Identity Brokers: Building Trust Frameworks that Work


  • Don Thibeau, Open ID Foundation and Open Identity Exchange (Session Host)
  • Eve Maler, PayPal
  • Bruce Ong, VeriSign
  • Judith Spencer, U.S. General Services Administration
  • Heather West, Center for Democracy and Technology

4:45pm – Roundtable Discussion –  Mobile Location Data and the World Around Us


  • Larry Downes (Session Host)
  • Ellen Blackler, AT&T
  • Deborah Estrin, UCLA
  • Christine Lemke, Sense Networks
  • Susan Lyon, Perkins Coie

Thursday, August 19, 2010


9:00am – Welcome Remarks


9:15am – Roundtable Discussion – pii & the Cloud: Data Ownership and Security


  • Larry Magid, CBS News (Session Host)
  • Michelle Dennedy, Oracle
  • Ian Glazer, Gartner
  • Chris Hoofnagle, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology
  • Jim Reavis, Cloud Security Alliance

10:00am – Roundtable Discussion – pii & Digital Advertising: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape


  • Steve Wildstrom (Session Host)
  • Colin McKay, Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Canada
  • Scott Meyer, Better Advertising (now Evidon)
  • Alison Pepper, Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • Berin Szoka, Progress & Freedom Foundation
  • Steve Wildstrom (Session Host)

10:45am – Break


11:00am – Roundtable Discussion – Competing on Privacy: Trade-offs, Transparency and Trust


  • Larry Downes (Session Host)
  • Fran Maier, TRUSTe
  • Ruben Rodrigues, Loci Technologies
  • Christopher Wolf, Future of Privacy Forum

11:45am – Introduction to pii Labs


12:00pm – Shuttles leave for Lunch at Space Needle


1:30pm – pii Labs


  • Workshop 1a –  pii & Open Government
    Bill Schrier, City of Seattle
  • Workshop 1b – Privacy by Design
    Betsy Masiello, Google
  • Workshop 1c – Project Show-and-Tell

2:45pm – pii Labs


  • Workshop 2a – pii & Location
    Brady Forrest, O’Reilly Media
    Stephen Hood, BlockChalk
  • Workshop 2b – Rethinking Notice and Choice: Next-Generation Privacy Strategies
    Fran Maier, TRUSTe
    Craig Spiezle, Online Trust Alliance
  • Workshop 2c – Project Show-and-Tell

4:00pm  – pii Labs


  • Workshop 3a – pii & Kids
    Linda Criddle, LOOKBOTHWAYS
    Denise Tayloe, Privo
  • Workshop 3b – Privacy Rights and Wrongs: What You Need to Know
    Josh Konvisser, Pillsbury
  • Workshop 3c – Project Show-and-Tell

5:00pm – Open Discussion


6:00pm – Closing