pii2011 Silicon Valley Schedule

Over 250 attendees from around the world participated in the second Privacy Identity Innovation conference, which took place May 19-20, 2011 at the Santa Clara Marriott hotel in Silicon Valley. Below is the final schedule for the conference.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


6:00pm Pre-conference reception and Insight Dinner Salon – Co-hosted with Techdirt

The topic for the Dinner Salon is Privacy in a Data-driven Economy: When Your Customers Are Your Product. Facilitators included:


  • Julia Angwin of The Wall Street Journal
  • Jim Brock of PrivacyChoice
  • Esther Dyson of EDventure Holdings
  • Tara Hunt of Buyosphere
  • Colin O’Malley of Evidon
  • Deb Schultz of Tummelvision.tv
  • Berin Szoka of TechFreedom
  • Owen Tripp of Reputation.com

Thursday, May 19, 2011

8:30am Welcome Remarks – Natalie Fonseca, Co-founder and Executive Producer, pii2011


8:45am Keynote – What They Know: Insights from The Wall Street Journal’s Series, Julia Angwin, Technology Editor and Columnist, The Wall Street Journal


9:00am Roundtable Discussion – Privacy, Personal Data and Publicness: Where Are We Heading? (Listen to podcast)


  • Julia Angwin, The Wall Street Journal (Session Host)
  • Marc Davis, Partner Architect at Microsoft
  • Larry Downes, Senior Adjunct Fellow at TechFreedom
  • Michael Fertik, Founder and CEO of Reputation.com
  • Chris Kelly, Founder of Kelly Investments

9:40am Roundtable Discussion – The Business of Privacy: The Good, the Bad and the Upside (Listen to podcast)


  • Kara Swisher, All Things D (Session Host)
  • Jim Brock, Founder of PrivacyChoice
  • Esther Dyson, EDventure Holdings
  • Christine Herron, Director at Intel Capital
  • Raman Khanna, General Partner, ONSET Ventures
  • Mike Maples, Managing Partner, FLOODGATE

10:40am Roundtable Discussion –Trust in the Social Web: Identity, Reputation and Influence (Listen to podcast)


  • Mike Masnick, Techdirt (Session Host)
  • Larry Drebes, CEO of Janrain
  • Tara Hunt, CEO of Buyosphere and Author of The Whuffie Factor
  • Pete Kazanjy, CEO of Honestly
  • Chirag Nangia, CEO of Reppify

11:20am Lightning Talk – From Digital Exhaust to Your Data Afterburner by Jason Cavnar, Co-founder of Singly and the Locker Project (Listen to podcast)


11:30am Keynote – Reputation as Currency by Venessa Miemis


12:00pm Lunch


1:00pm Roundtable Discussion – D.C.’s Role: What You Need to Know (Listen to podcast)


  • Steve Wildstrom (Session Host)
  • Laura Berger, Senior Attorney in the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission
  • Ari Schwartz, Senior Internet Policy Advisor for the NIST Information Technology Laboratory

1:30pm Roundtable Discussion – Implementing an Identity Ecosystem (Listen to podcast)


  • Declan McCullagh, CNET (Session Host)
  • Kaliya Hamlin, Founder and Executive Director of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium
  • Eric Sachs, Product Manager at Google
  • Ari Schwartz, Senior Internet Policy Advisor for the NIST Information Technology Laboratory
  • Don Thibeau, Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation
  • Peter Watkins, Executive director in the Office of the CIO with the Government of British Columbia

2:10pm One-on-One Conversation – Kevin Poulsen, Senior Editor at Wired.com and Author of Kingpin and Mike Masnick of Techdirt (Listen to podcast)


3:00pm Roundtable Discussion – pii and Location: Can You Find Me Now? (Listen to podcast)


  • Declan McCullagh, CNET (Session Host)
  • Amber Case, Co-founder of Geoloqi
  • Scott Hotes, CTO of Location Labs
  • Brian Knapp, VP and Chief Administrative Officer for Loopt
  • Miten Sampat, VP of Product Strategy at Quova
  • Ashkan Soltani, Independent Researcher and Consultant

3:40pm Technology Demo – Gil Hirsch, CEO of Face.com (Listen to podcast)


3:45pm Roundtable Discussion – PII in a Rich-Media, Real-Time, Internet-Enabled World (Listen to podcast)


  • Steve Wildstrom, Wildstrom on Tech (Session Host)
  • Michelle Bruno, Privacy Manager for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft
  • Lauren Gelman, Founder of Blurry Edge Strategies
  • Gil Hirsch, CEO of Face.com
  • Wendi Lozada Smith, Executive Director, Global Public Policy at AT&T

4:30pm Innovator Spotlight – Hosted by Mark Blafkin, Executive Director of Innovators Network


6:30pm Innovator Showcase and Happy Hour

Friday, May 20, 2011


9:00am Special Announcement – Innovator Spotlight winners (Personal and Passtouch won the Audience Choice Awards)


9:05am Roundtable Discussion – pii and Data Collection: Are We on the Right Track? (Listen to podcast)


  • Julia Angwin, The Wall Street Journal (Session Host)
  • Alex Fowler, Global Privacy and Public Policy Leader at Mozilla
  • Christina Gagnier, Partner at Gagnier Margossian
  • Scott Meyer, CEO of Evidon
  • Stephan Noller, CEO of nugg.ad and Chairman of Policy Committee for IAB Europe
  • David Norris, CEO of BlueCava

9:45am Roundtable Discussion – Best Practices for Data Stewardship: Building Trust in a Digital Age (Listen to podcast)


  • Esther Dyson, EDventure Holdings (Session Host)
  • Keith Enright, Senior Privacy Counsel at Google
  • Barbara Lawler, Chief Privacy Officer at Intuit
  • Ed Palmieri, Privacy Counsel at Facebook
  • Anne Toth, Chief Trust Officer at Yahoo!

10:25am Lightning Talk – The Accidental Chief Privacy Officer by Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer and GM of Data Systems at Intelius (Listen to podcast)


10:45am Lightning Talk – Protecting Privacy By Using Data Labels by Ian Glazer, Research Director at Gartner (Listen to podcast)


10:50am Roundtable Discussion – Getting Personal with Big Data (Listen to podcast)


  • Larry Magid, CBS News (Session Host)
  • Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer and GM of Data Systems at Intelius
  • Terence Craig, CEO at Pattern Builders
  • Beth Givens, Founder and Director of Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
  • Ian Glazer, Research Director at Gartner
  • Josh Herman, Product Leader, Global Segmentation & Product Innovations, Acxiom

11:30am Keynote – The Role of Privacy by Design


  • Ann Cavoukian, Commissioner of the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
  • Marilyn Prosch, Associate Professor, Arizona State University

12:00pm Keynote – The End of the Privacy Policy as We Know It by Fran Maier, President of TRUSTe (Listen to podcast)


12:30pm Working Lunch – Simplifying Privacy Notice


  • Christina Gagnier, Partner at Gagnier Margossian (Session Host)
  • M. Ryan Calo, Director of the Consumer Privacy Project at Stanford’s Center for Internet & Society
  • Aleecia McDonald
  • Travis Pinnick, User Experience Designer at TRUSTe
  • Ashkan Soltani, Independent Privacy Researcher and Consultant

1:45pm pii Labs


Workshop 1a – Global Differences in Perceptions of Privacy

  • Martin Ortlieb, Google
  • Betsy Masiello, Google

Workshop 1b – Security by Design: Protecting Against Data Breaches

  • Michelle Dennedy, The iDennedy Project
  • Craig Spiezle, Online Trust Alliance

Workshop 1c – Privacy by Design @ HP

  • Harvey Jang, HP
  • Brian Hernacki, HP


2:45pm pii Labs


Workshop 2a – Privacy Rights and Wrongs: How What Happens in D.C. Could Impact You

  • Tanya Forsheit, InfoLawGroup

Workshop 2b – Building Tools to Enable Privacy

  • Brian Kennish, Disconnect
  • Calvin Pappas, SelectOut

Workshop 2c – Privacy by Design Case Study: Microsoft Kinect

  • Michelle Bruno, Microsoft
  • Lyn Watts, Microsoft

3:45pm pii Labs


Workshop 3a – Protecting Data in the Cloud

  • Jim Dempsey, CDT
  • Tim Mather, KPMG


Workshop 3b – Mobile App Privacy: Tips and Tools

  • Chris Conley, ACLU of Northern California
  • Morgan Reed, ACT


Workshop 3c – Privacy by Design and Gaming

  • Jamie Cook, Gaikai
  • Dona Fraser, Entertainment Software Rating Board