Recapping pii2012 Seattle

If you missed the pii Labs mobile apps workshop and pii2012 conference in Seattle earlier this month, we invite you to check out the photos and videos that we’ve posted online.


There are also a number of articles and blog posts about the conference that will give you an idea of how other people viewed the discussions at pii2012. Here are a few posts we’ve read so far:


Privacy Identity Innovation Wrap Up by Mary Ludloff, PatternBuilders
#pii2012: The Emergent Privacy-Industrial Complex by Jim Adler, Intelius
Different Generations, Same Need for Privacy by Marina Ziegler,
Trust by Design by Jim Fenton, OneID
What People Really Think About Online Privacy by Steve Wildstrom, Tech.pinions
pii2012 Final Thoughts by Brendan Charles, Hibe


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