Innovator Spotlight

    The Innovator Spotlight program is one of the highlights of Privacy Identity Innovation because it offers conference participants the chance to hear directly from entrepreneurs who are developing new products and services. More details on the pii2014 Innovator Spotlight companies will be announced the first week of October.


    The startups that participated in the pii2013 Innovator Spotlight program in Seattle are listed below. Each company’s CEO gave a five-minute presentation, and attendees also got a chance to learn more about the startups in the pii2013 Technology Showcase exhibitor lounge. There was a tie for the Audience Choice Award between Ansa, led by CEO Natalie Riley, and Silent Circle, led by CEO Mike Janke.


    Click here to learn more about the pii2012 Innovator Spotlight companies, including Audience Choice Award winners BrandYourself and Gliph.



    • Ansa


      Ansa is a rich media social utility, completely redesigned for privacy.  We find ourselves trusting  our friends with messages and media containing our thoughts, secrets, and stories everyday.  We carefully select the people we share these moments with, but in this fast-paced, increasingly connected world it’s easy to lose control of the things that were supposed to be private.  That’s where Ansa comes in.  Ansa allows you to express yourself creatively while maintaining privacy.  With options to communicate off-the-record, send self-destructing media, and synchronously erase the messages you’ve shared in the past, you’ll never have to lose control again.  Ansa is the next generation of secure mobile communication.


      Founder and CEO: Natalie Riley

      Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


      Twitter: @Ansa

    • Clef


      Clef is a San Francisco company dedicated to replacing usernames and passwords online with your smart-phone. Since 2012, Clef has pushed the boundaries of privacy and security technology to make solutions that are simple and approachable for any user. Clef is a Kairos 50 company that is privately held and angel-backed. Clef is available for Android and iOS customers.


      Co-founder and CEO: Brennen Byrne

      Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


      Twitter: @GetClef

    • Eterniam


      Eterniam is a new Seattle startup that lets you create, preserve and bequeath a digital legacy. As you live today and in the future, you accumulate huge amounts of private digital memories. There is no trusted custodian of these assets, no way to create a permanent legacy of who you are, who you were. Eterniam charges an annual subscription fee and does not sell any of your information.


      With Eterniam, you can preserve photos, videos, documents, Facebook posts and more to come. Privacy is central to Eterniam; e.g. your spouse gets different assets from your best friend who gets different assets from your children. Your different identities are captured in Eterniam and you are in control of the digital legacy you leave to your beneficiaries.


      Founder and CEO: Parvez Anandam

      Headquarters: Seattle, WA


      Twitter: @Eterniaminc

    • Metanautix


      Metanautix helps large enterprises navigate oceans of data. Our mission is to integrate the data supply chain and enable organizations to transform their information assets into better decisions and new products. Metanautix is a stealth-mode company, comprised of world-class engineering talent, and backed by some of the most prominent venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.


      Co-founder and CEO: Theo Vassilakis

      Headquarters: Los Altos, CA


      Twitter: @Metanautix


    • MyPermissions


      MyPermissions is a team of people that deeply love the internet. We are passionate about the innovative ideas and platforms that reshape the way we communicate with each other. We also believe in protecting user privacy and developing their relationship of trust with developers. That’s why we’ve created a suite of tools that help users protect their personal online information and help developers be more transparent and build more trust.


      The MyPermission’s personal cloud security service lets users monitor, manage and control the access to their information online.  For developers, we understand that the lack of user trust has become a barrier. MyPermissions’ certification program lifts the barrier of trust through transparency, powering the age of social, mobile apps.


      Co-founder and CEO: Olivier Amar

      Headquarters: Ramat Gan, Israel


      Twitter: @MyPermissions

    • Pathbrite


      Pathbrite is a next-generation education portfolio platform that is changing the way people teach, learn and grow. Educators and students at innovative schools, colleges and universities across the U.S. use Pathbrite to enhance metacognition and critical thinking skills, improve course-passing rates, and enable project-based learning and peer collaboration.


      Founder and CEO: Heather Hiles

      Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


      Twitter: @Pathbrite


    • REPP


      REPP is an identity and background verification and management platform for individuals and online service providers.  Each REPP Profile is created and fully controlled by its owner. Profiles can be shared for uses such as online dating, peer-to-peer transactions, networking, and online initiated transactions. REPP’s API and OAuth allow partners the perfect tool to quickly provide transparency and assurances on their platform.


      Co-founder and CEO: Michael Bergman

      Headquarters: Cincinnati, OH


      Twitter: @myREPP

    • Silent Circle


      Silent Circle is a global encrypted communications service headquartered in Washington D.C. that provides cutting-edge encrypted text, mobile phone and video teleconferencing services through a secure, proprietary network, software and mobile apps. Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and best-selling author, and Phil Zimmermann, the world famous Silicon Valley creator of Internet encryption for voice and data and 2012 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame.


      Co-founder and CEO: Mike Janke

      Headquarters: Washington, DC


      Twitter: @Silent_Circle